A Rare Pop Singer

Bera does not really like talking about his privet life. Every time journalists ask about his privet life, his respond is that his wife is singing and he is not going to betray her for a while. In fact, everything Bera does, he connects it to the music . He explains that love and intriguing relationships will always be in person’s life but a chance to become a pop star appears only once in a lifetime. I think that God gives a chance to every single person. The ones who stick to this chance and fight for success will certainly become successful people. But the people who disturb themselves by other things will miss this moment and as a result will stay with nothing. At this part of my life, my priority is to become talented and successful pop star. When I consider my life ready for other things, I will take care of my privet life but it will wait for now. Of course there are some girls who interest me but nothing serious. Mostly Georgian girls interest me. I don’t know why, but I don’t imagine myself next to no one but Georgian girl. Maybe the reason is the culture, which is completely different in Georgia then in other countries. I think none of of the none Georgian girl will ever understand the traditions we fallow.

Bera says that he is a daydreamer. Career and life would never be successful without dreaming. He explains that his first song was created at the age of 11. He was in France and while sleeping the lyrics of a song suddenly came to his head. Next morning he woke up, put on cloth and started writing down song. First the melody came, then lyrics. Finally his first song was created. From that time on, he never stopped dreaming because for him, dreams created better reality. In fact people can lead their dreams in a good way as well as in a bad way. If dreams stay dreams for the rest of our lives, we will not be able to become successful. But one should always struggle to make his or her dream to come true. For me, I am successful because I realize that my dream is accomplishable and I put a struggle every single day in order to become closer and closer to it. of course there are many factors which define our success but among all, effort plays the biggest role.

Determined to define his own destiny Bera launched Georgian Dream record label in 2010 and quickly began work on his first album. Bera defines the way of his life as a path chosen by him. Nowadays it is really difficult to choose your life path independently. Most of people do not choose their own ways for various reasons. Some do not have enough opportunities to get an education they want or dream of because do not have enough money or time. Others families choose the professions of their sons and daughters. I am a lucky person because I have chance to do everything independently. My family encourages me in everything because they are sure that my decisions are useful for family, my country and me. I often take risks because every successful person has to go through a risky and unstable path. I often have doubts about my choices. Nevertheless the regrets are much less than satisfactions. If there are not risky decisions in person’s life, one will never reach the success. One of ndle other genres such as pop and rap.

What is the most appreciable thing about this young pop singer it that he is constantly challenging himself. Even though he always strives for independence and wants to reach everything on his own, he often works with different people who give him more experience in different ways. Bera says it was fantastic working with Fusari and Jerkins. “We built a relationship. The vibe was really good and I really grew up with them. Artistically they gave me a lot.” While working with people on certain pop music you don’t only share opinion about your work but about life as well. While creating music, we get to know each other really well. They share their life experiences and morals while I share mine. At the end of this work It comes out that we became very close people. Hence I conclude that, it is really difficult to work with the person who is completely unacceptable for you. He or she can fit you in professional way but not as a person and these kind of interactions will not end up well thus music won’t come out as good as it was expected. Fortunately I have never had this kind of experience.

Best Running Video & Flash Games Freely Available Online

Run Gamings
With the surge of application puzzles gratuits video games, and also casual gaming in general as a major subset of the video gaming industry, a range of genres have actually appeared that really did not exist formerly. Among those categories is the run video game, or the running game. Easy to play and also understandable, these video games all include various skins as well as various styles, however ultimately they all have pretty much the very same suggestion.

What Are Run Games?

The short answer is that a Run 3 Unblocked game is a video game where a player directs a running figure with a barrier program as that personality is chased after by some kind of risk. It could be an astronaut ranging from aliens, a miner fleeing a collapse, or almost any other type of circumstance. The motif is the same though; there is a character leaving from some threat, as well as the player needs to aid the character by guiding them around obstacles that would otherwise squash or kill them, leaving them in the course of the important things that’s chasing it.

Some Run Video Game Examples

Probably among one of the most well-known cubis 2 around at the moment is Temple Run. Made by Imangi Studios, this game has had actually a number of variations launched for the iPad, iPhone and also various other tools. Gamers take on the duty of an adventurer who swipes a cursed idolizer, as well as is gone after by a horde of demon monkeys out of the holy place. Gamers have to turn, run, duck, slide as well as dive over challenges to avoid the crowd, as well as while they’re going gather as several drifting coins and also factors as possible to win the stage.

Other Tunnel Rush games such as as well as its sequels, Checkpoint, Cavern Run, and various other video games all adhere to the exact same, fundamental motifs of this endless operating game category. Whether it’s defeating feet via a dark cavern or dashing at superhuman speed via a city to soothe bombs, a run game always comes down to the very same quick reflexes and feeling for what’s taking place when it comes time for a the impossible quiz player to get to the last levels.


The controls of any run game are very straightforward. For video games where Learn To Fly 3 gamers see a side-scrolling runner there’s normally little more than a jump switch and also a slide switch; one to review barriers and one to go under them. For games where the video camera complies with along behind the runner there’s a left as well as a best motion, a turn activity, a jump and also a slide. In some games these could be tricks that need to be pushed, and also in others it might take certain motions on the touch display or mouse pad. It depends upon the game.


In running games there’s just one point that Cubefield gamers should appear in advance; quick reflexes as well as a rapid eye. For gamers that have a rapid jerk reflex as well as that could mash the ideal button in the right instructions, these video games are basically one, huge double-quick time event that duplicates over and over once again.

Concerning The Website

There’s no reason to spend a lot of loan to play Return Man 3 video games, specifically because the majority of them are laid-back games at best. That’s why we have all the most preferred offered on our website and also open up to the general public. If a player desires to get his or her hands on something enjoyable, fast as well as easy to pass the time with, why should they fork over a lot of cash money to do it? Or any cash money? All we ask is that free online games gamers come, enjoy, as well as inform others concerning the experience they had.